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5-Point Value Engineering Steps

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Step 1: Build Ability Report

We build a report that analyzes plans, and specs to determine any conflicts that could inhibit a seamless buildout.

Review window schedule – evaluate buildability

Cross-reference spec, architectural, and structural codes for conflict

Troubleshoot trades conflict i.e.., (elevations vs. floor plans) Framing, HVAC, Plumbing

Assess over or under-design criteria

OFFER solutions

Step 2: Optimization

We analyze all data from the design team to ensure the products installed meet all design criteria while at the same time recommending ways to secure against any future weakness in litigation prevention due to product failure.

Code Adherence

Litigation Security

Water Intrusion

Sound Mitigation

U-Value/SHGC Recommendations

Tempering/Safety Glass

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Step 3: Product Choice

We make value-based recommendations from our large base of manufacturers on which product to choose that will do the job and look great.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Product Type

Material Comparison i.e.., Glass Type, Frame Type

Hardware Options/Grid Options

Step 4: Aesthetics

We work with your design team and ownership to ensure the look and feel are what you want at the price you need.

Work with design team & ownership

Solutions that preserve aesthetics

Color matching solutions

Texture material matching

Historic District Compliance

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Step 5: Value Add

We will provide accurate pricing both current and projected with recommendations to secure against price escalations and supply chain delays.

Determine budget pricing for designing units

Cost estimates on all V.E, suggestions

Cost estimates for buildability recommendation

Supply chain delay solutions

Price escalation mitigation