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Although Ox Glass specializes in glass product installation, we value solving our client’s problems above all else. We do this by walking our customers through this step-by-step process that includes our patented 5-Point Value Engineering Process. When you want to start a project with Ox Glass, this is what you can expect from us throughout your customer journey:


Our Estimating Division takes notes on your project, and schedules you for an initial meeting with our Lead Estimator. The purpose of this call is to better understand what is important to you, learn a bit more about your vision for the project, and walk you through how we can add value to your endeavor.

Value Engineering

Once the design is underway, our Pre-Production team will thoroughly review all Plans, Specs, and Renderings. Using our  “5 Point Value Engineering Process” we will then provide you with a comprehensive list of RFI’s, preliminary recommendations and price comparisons.


After all RFI’s and subsequent Addenda have been considered we will provide a complete cost estimate with clear expectations of what we will  provide along with options to consider as set out in our “Process”.


Our Sales Manager will follow-up with your estimating team. When we receive confirmation that we have been selected to perform on the project we will confirm price and scope. Then start our comprehensive submittal process.

Initial Submittal

The finalized submittals with any accompanying design from our process will be sent to you by our Pre-Production Manager who will also schedule a design confirmation call with you for final consideration.

Final Submittal

Our Estimating Division will present you with our finalized design, shop drawings, manufacturer’s testing and layouts and request an in person meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure there is extreme clarity regarding what is and is not included in the project, answer any questions you may have, get you booked into our production calendar, and discuss next steps moving to production.

Production Planning

Before the scheduled start of your project, our Project Manager will request an on site planning meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to organize production details such as anticipated dates for subcontractors, machinery usage and access, the most efficient method for scope completion, and ensuring materials are ordered on time. You will be required to review and confirm the scope of work, discuss delivery and material storage locations, and examine for pre-existing damages. It is highly recommended that the rough carpenter and other exterior cladding subcontractors be in attendance.

First Day of Production

You should expect a call from our Project Manager 1 week in advance of the start of your project. We will need you present for a meeting on the morning of the first day of production.

During Production

On a weekly basis, you will receive a weekly log via email from our Project Manager. The purpose of these progress reports is to update you on what was completed during the week, and what will be worked on in the upcoming week.


On a monthly basis, you will receive invoices from our Accounting Division. Monthly bills will be sent to you until completion of the project, followed up with retainage.