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Ox Glass

Since 2015, OX Glass has been one of Utah’s leading window suppliers and installers. OX is committed to providing the best quality window and glass products with superior installation at the most competitive price.

When you choose OX as your glass company – we commit to providing the utmost service and quality.

Our Values

Family – It’s the foundation of OX Glass. We care about our people by supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Integrity – We build trust by upholding our values even when no one is looking.

Relentlessness – OX Glass is committed to overcoming any obstacles, even in the face of adversity and setbacks.

Efficiency – Maximize results, minimize waste. We prioritize productivity to be competitive.

Our Why

To build on the strength of our family foundation, valuing integrity and demonstrating relentless commitment to overcoming obstacles. We maximize results through a culture of efficiency, while supporting work-life balance of our employee’s.